(Fog City Records - 2005)

Produced by Dan Prothero & Etienne de Rocher

The long awaited debut album! "Etienne De Rocher's got one of the sweetest voices around -- a high, clear-as-a-bell croon that glides easily through a song. What's most appealing is the sense of wonder that fills his songs, as if he can't believe how pretty a melody can be." (SF Bay Guardian)

Etienne de Rocher
1. Meditation # C.O.B.
2. Juniper Rose
3. The Lizard Song
4. Providence
5. Six Feet
6. Big Black Wall
7. There's Real and There's Moonshine
8. Bama Bino Goodbye
9. You Became a Knife
10. Come Twilight
11. Everybody Thinks You're a Smash
12. Goodnight

All songs written and arranged by Etienne de Rocher (BMI)

This debut album also contains video for your Mac or Windows PC.

Todd Roper - drums
Todd Sickafoose - bass
Marika Hughes - cello
Alan Lin - violin
Dan Morris - percussion (on 1 & 10)
Etienne de Rocher - everything else

Mostly recorded at Prairie Sun in Cotati, California with engineer Justin Phelps. Additional tracking done in Etienne's basement, Dan's house, and Jose's warehouse. Mixed by Dan & Etienne at Dan's House. Cover art by Etienne and Dan based on Velvey's photos.